4 Popular Indoor Party Games for All Seasons

Published: 30th November 2011
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Indoor parties can be held during any season but the amount of fun could be limited due to gloomy weather. To make an indoor party more enjoyable, you can pick a number of fun games and activities.

Indoor party games are designed to give guests more opportunities to know each other and to have fun. Such activities will turn into wonderful ice breakers.

Choosing the most appropriate indoor game is a task that the host faces. The activity should correspond to the party theme, the age of most people and their preferences. Choosing party games is fun and easy, as long as you know the individuals who will be attending.

Pictionary is a party game that will appeal to most people. It is appropriate for younger gatherings, as well as for people who are unfamiliar with each other. Pictionary ranks among the classical party games that have turned into all-time favorites for thousands of people,

To play Pictionary, you will have to divide the guests into teams. A member of the team gets a card that contains a word. In order to help other team members guess the word, the person will have to make drawings. These drawings are used as hints and clues.

Name the Quote
To play that game, the host will have to do some preliminary research and preparation. Get cardboard cards. Write a famous movie, poem or song quote on the cardboards.

One person from the gathering will have to be the game host. The game host makes all others select one of the cards. The quote is read out loud. The person who has picked it will then have to guess the movie or song that the quote is taken from.

This game will be successful if you manage to choose quotes that the majority of guests are familiar with. Something that is too tricky or difficult to guess will only annoy the participants in the game.

Charades is another classical party game. Nearly everyone has taken part in it at least once.

It is very easy to play Charades. Write the names of movies on pieces of paper, fold those and put them in a bowl or a hat. Divide guests into teams. One person from the team goes to the front and picks a paper.

This is where the fun starts. The person will then have to communicate the movie title to team members without speaking. The game involves acting, body language, some embarrassment and tons of fun.

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare is another classical indoor party game. It is mainly suitable for younger gatherings of people who feel comfortable in each other’s presence.

One person starts by asking somebody else “Truth or Dare?” In the case that the person chooses truth, some very personal question will be asked. The individual will have to provide an honest answer. When dare is selected, the person will be asked to do something, which is usually embarrassing.

A number of indoor party games are available for you to choose among. Make sure that you have at least several options, giving guests of the celebration the chance to pick the activity that they enjoy the most.

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