5 Signs of a Good Party Host or Hostess

Published: 11th March 2011
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It is easy to spot a good host or hostess. They are the ones throwing the great parties! They are bright, fun, and enjoying the party effortlessly right alongside their guests. Here's how to know if you've got what it takes to be good party host or hostess.

1. You're having a good time

A good party hostess is one who is enjoying herself. A good party host is one who is relaxed and comfortable and mingling with guests. If you have been planning the party for a while, you may think your responsibility is to make sure the party plan is followed without a hitch. Guests hate to feel like they're not first on your list, though. They would much rather you have fun with them and pay attention to them than fuss with the decorations or remind the chef when the cheese course is supposed to come out.

2. You know your guests

A good party host knows how to make his guests feel welcome because he knows their preferences and has accommodated them before the guests even arrive. A good hostess knows who is allergic to shellfish and has an alternative course ready for that guest. A good host knows ahead of time which guests will need extra help socializing and with whom to pair them for best results.

3. You're prepared

The only way to save yourself if you aren't prepared when the party starts is to pretend you planned it that way all along. Don't spend the night making excuses or sharing your woes with your guests. Just move along and help everyone make the best of it. To make sure you are prepared before the party starts, make several check lists based on the needs of the guests and the needs of the party, and start checking items off several weeks before the party starts. Have a run-through the day before the party and take care of any last-minute problems then. A prepared host is ready to mingle with his guests and have fun, which are the real reasons to have a party in the first place.

4. You make your guests feel special

A good hostess has the ability to make each guest feel like they were invited for her pleasure. A good host makes his guests feel comfortable enough to enjoy the party by letting them know they are irreplaceable and desired guests. Take each guest aside for a conversation or tour of the house, or bring them their favorite drink or appetizer. For a large party, you won't have a lot of time to spend with each guest, but a good hostess will make each guest feel like they are treasured, anyway.

5. You're willing to give it all up

Sometimes the largest element to a good party is that the host is willing to drop everything and change course when things aren't going well. There is nothing worse than a hostess who, with grim determination or mascara tears, digs in and insists on continuing the party game or dinner menu when it is obvious that guests are not enjoying themselves. A good host will always put the preferences of the party before their own. A great host will help things move along so well, the party will never know if plans have been changed. The party just moves on.

Misha Anatolia is a party and bridal writer. For more bridal shower etiquette tips and other bridal shower information, go to bridal-showers.org

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