Common Party Planning Mistakes

Published: 24th November 2011
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Only people who have never hosted a party believe that organizing a celebration is easy. Party planning involves numerous steps and it demands full dedication and significant amounts of time.

Many party planners commit mistakes that will affect the celebration to some extent. A number of mistakes remain innocent and insignificant while others have the potential to turn the party into a disaster.

Some of the most common party planning mistakes involve ambiguities or the failure to meet deadlines and to complete steps on time. These mistakes occur very often and could be overcome through careful planning and attention to detail.

Too Late…
Sending the invitations too late will deprive some guests of the chance to react and to attend the party. Invitations should be mailed at least several weeks in advance. Large parties like weddings or anniversaries demand invitation sending several months before the event takes place.

This mistake makes it difficult for people to plan and to purchase gifts. Some people who have to travel from another city will also find it impossible to organize transportation and accommodation.

Food and Drink Mistakes
Some of the most common party planning mistakes involve the party menu and the quantity of food and drinks. Insufficient amounts will affect the mood of guests. Running out of drinks in the middle of the party has the potential to cause disaster. Large quantities of food will lead to significant waste, as much of it will end up in the trash bin.

Weird dishes that people feel uncomfortable with will also affect the party. If you are going to adopt a specific culinary theme, you need to provide guests with information about it. Some people are uncomfortable with exotic meals.

Depriving Guests of Essential Information (theme, dress code, venue directions)
The invitation needs to contain certain types of information that will help the guests get prepared. A common mistake is to leave out an essential bit of information.

Some invitations fail mentioning the theme and dress code. People will attend and expect one thing while the party will turn out to be completely different.

Another mistake is to refrain from including directions and a map for a venue that is difficult to find. Guests will certainly waste time and energy on discovering the party location.

Wrong Venue Selection
Venue selection is a tricky part of the preparation process. The place needs to be just right for the type of event and the number of guests. Some common party planning mistakes involve the size and type of venue.

A place that is too small will make people feel uncomfortable. Large rooms take away from the intimacy of the gathering. Should it be outdoor or indoor party? This decision needs to be based on the type of party, the season and the weather forecast for the specific day.

No Activities and Ice Breakers
Many party organizers commit one grave mistake – they expect people to be having fun on their own. Activities and ice breakers are a must, especially if the party brings together people who are unfamiliar with each other. The lack of such games can lead to awkward silences and frustration. At the same time, some people are uncomfortable with silly games. Take the audience into consideration when planning activities and pick something everyone will enjoy.

It may be difficult to take into consideration all types of party details. Event planning could be very challenging. Some common mistakes, however, can be avoided through attention to detail and intuition.

Misha Anatolia is an article writer who writes about party related topics like bridal shower etiquette and other bridal shower ideas. Misha enjoys hosting parties when not writing.

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