Ways to Excuse Yourself from a Boring Party

Published: 24th November 2011
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Parties are a great way to socialize and have fun with people you love and people you are just about to get to know better. Most people love attending parties, especially if a dear friend is the host.

Sometimes, a party has the potential to turn into a super boring event, even if the host has put heart and soul into the organization process. Getting to leave such a party could be a major challenge, especially if you want to be polite.

You can use a number of simple excuses in order to leave a boring party without being rude.

Feeling Sick
Telling the host that you feel sick and that you should be heading home will always be one of the safest excuses. Nobody will be stopping you from leaving a party if you are feeling dizzy or ill. You can use this excuse if you feel comfortable with producing a little lie that will guarantee your safe exit from the party.

The Big Emergency
Get someone to call you on the phone. You need to sound concerned and troubled. Once you finish talking, you can excuse yourself from the party by saying that some type of emergency has occurred.

Emergencies could be connected to your home, kids or job. Just choose something that sounds credible. It should also give the host a chance to continue having fun. Saying that something exceptionally bad has happened will solely get people to worry about you.

Project Deadline
As soon as you arrive to the party, you can tell the host or the person that the party is dedicated to that you will be staying for only a little while. Excuse yourself by sharing that you have an important project deadline and a lot of work that you still need to deal with. People will be happy to see you at the party and the fact that you have made it despite the major project demonstrates your respect.

Early Morning
You can leave a boring party without offending the host or hostess by saying that you will have to get up early the next morning. Be certain in your decision but deliver the news in a polite way. You should make the host feel that you are unhappy with the fact that you have to leave.

Be Careful with Acting
Be careful when excusing yourself. Keep acting limited, especially if you have troubles delivering a credible performance. Yawning to demonstrate that you are tired or bending in pain to demonstrate an illness will be believable solely if you have taken acting classes or if you are a natural. Refrain from overdoing it. Such a performance will be a sign of disrespect and could affect your relationship with the party person.

Delivering your excuse will usually be sufficient. You need no supportive evidence. Keep the movie scenes to a minimum.

Thank the Host!
Remember to thank the host and to chat for a few moments before leaving the party. Remember that your aim is to be polite. Leaving without saying a word could hurt people.

Tell the host that it has been a true pleasure and that the party is a great one. Once again, remember to be moderate. Overdoing it and sounding too zealous will make people question your intentions. Try to be sincere when excusing yourself and trying to leave the party.

Misha Anatolia is an article writer who writes about party related topics like bridal shower etiquette and other bridal shower ideas. Misha enjoys hosting parties when not writing.

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